National Tax Resource Group

Access to a true, national tax consulting service with local expertise

NTRG was formed because of the absolute necessity for property owners to have access to a true, national tax consulting service that uses local and “specific property type” experts for every assignment.

NTRG manages the use of the best local consultants in over 80 markets throughout the entire U.S. Today, the most sought after professionals in our business work for themselves in smaller practices and boutique law firms. NTRG acts as the manager and oversight conduit that brings these local professionals together to work for our clientele, while providing a single point of contact and source of information.

The NTRG Tax Advantage

  • We do not compete with other tax firms, we hire them
  • We are not a “brokerage” firm for tax services, we directly manage the entire process to ensure that our clients’ properties are matched with a consultant that will provide the necessary skills pertinent to a specific property type
  • We have strict contractual relationships with every consultant and our relationships are based on performance and expertise
  • Our internet-based property tax system is a unique feature in our industry and unparalleled
  • Our “dual review” system has not been replicated by any other consulting firm
  • We oversee each and every appeal and perform valuation sessions with our client
  • We have the ability to conform our reporting and online data output to each client’s needs
  • As tax firm principals, NTRG’s local consultants are dedicated professionals and especially motivated by their results
  • Our selection of consultants for each team is not based solely on location, but rather location and expertise
  • We are able to dedicate consultants to an assignment or geographic area on an unlimited and as-needed basis

A word from our Founder & President

As technology advances, the theme and structure of research needed to properly represent a taxpayer becomes more in-depth and data is more plentiful for our industry. However, one thing never changes...the first-hand knowledge of precedence. Such knowledge is gained through experience without regard to the advancement of technology or the availability of data.

Property tax appeals are won and lost on the consultant’s first-hand knowledge of precedence set by the assessor and his or her own actions or strategy(ies) in a negotiation…..even though it may have happened within the past ten minutes.

If you really and truly want the best representation, you better use a locally-qualified consultant who is well versed on the precedence being set in every negotiation and hearing. That is what NTRG provides its clientele in each and every case we represent. No other firm in our industry can make that claim today.

Our industry owes it to our clientele to be well informed, calculated, and precise when it comes to representing a taxpayer. Only a qualified consultant with local experience can make that claim every time they act on behalf of a client. Consultants in our industry also owe it to their clientele to admit that while they can “do the job” on a property not in their own community, a locally-qualified consultant would simply do that job better…..even if it’s only 100 miles away.

I encourage you to examine your own portfolio and determine if you have a locally-qualified consultant for each and every asset that you own or control. If you are using a large, conventional property tax firm with regional offices in a few or possibly even several places around the country, chances are you don’t. If that is the case, we would welcome the opportunity to demonstrate what NTRG’s business model and services can do for you. I want to personally thank you for visiting our web site today.

Clayton L. Wigley
Founder & President